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Dream-Vacation in Lueneburger Heide

The lovely country hotel

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Eating & Drinking at TraumzeitHof

Our philosophy:

➤  delicious and healthy

➤  products from the region

➤  seasonal products

➤  sustainable production

➤  fair traded products

➤  international and german cooking

➤  always freshly prepared

➤  Lunch pack

➤  coffee and tea specialties

Breakfast at Hotel TraumzeitHof

A nice day starts with a good breakfast. We also pay attention to healthy and delicious food, with products from sustainable production and from the region. Products from outside the EU such as coffee, tea or bananas should also be biologically produced and fair trade. Just enjoy ...

Specialities at TraumzeitHof

You want to have dinner? The cook prepares delicious dishes for you. Please register.

An absolute delicacy - fresh fish from the fish smoking Aschauteiche in Eschede. Smoked, pickled or natural. E.g. Freshly fried salmon trout fillet with potatoes from the heath.


At least once a week in summer time, we offer the barbecue. Then rustic feasting in a cozy round on the menu - with our large barbecue buffet.

The  meat from

Bioland production

Eating & Drinking