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Dream-Vacation in Lueneburger Heide

The lovely country hotel

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Wide, freedom, clear air

The small village of Dalle is located in the district of Celle, in the area of Lueneburger Heath, in the middle of the Naturpark Suedheide. The quiet village belongs to the municipality of Eschede and is surrounded by fields, ponds and wide forests. Seemingly endless sandy trails invite you to experience hikes, bike rides, horse-drawn carriage rides, horseback rides, walks and excursions in clear air and gentle calm. Nearby destinations such as the old Residenzstadt Celle, the Hansestadt Salzwedel, the thermal resort of Bad Bevensen, the charming Hanseatic

city of Lueneburg,the wide Elbtalauen and much more entice to a longer stay.

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Naturpark Suedheide

The Naturpark Suedheide has been established as a protected natural park in 1964. It has an area of about 480 km² and is characterized by large forests, moors, wet and heath surfaces.

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